The Managing Director

Message from the managing director

I have started a number of companies delivering business software to the large target group consisting of small size companies. I founded and was Managing Director for Scandinavian PC Systems, Fortnox and FINT, all companies developing and selling software using PCs. Now when I go on with yet another company the aim is to enter many new countries with Web based software for business administration. The market is still juvenile and only a minor part of the smaller companies in these countries today use Web based software for Accounting and other administrative routines. The market expands rapidly. It is estimated that the growth will be 30–40% yearly in the coming 4 years. In 2019 the EU market is evaluated at MSEK 20.000 for smaller companies given the pricing strategy we will adopt.

The markets outside of the EU will grow in the same phase from a similar size. New technology has facilitated reach into markets that have not yet been accessible. E.g. are South East Asia and Africa large future markets. Our Business is based on Internet connection and at the emerging markets Internet penetration is explosive thanks to Mobile Access Technologies. Payments may be performed by Mobile Telephones. No physical deliveries and easy payments make way for major growth at the new markets.

Our future customers are among the smallest companies. Of the smaller companies some 90% has 3 or less employees. This requires business software easy to understand and use. Many use an Accounting Company but the need is still that the business software and the data generated is easy to understand and interpret. Small companies may also be price sensitive due to lack of financial resources. We will deliver affordable products in large volumes!

Jan Älmeby
Founder and Managing Director