The Technology

The technology

The technology is based on remote access to Software and Data by Internet and a simple PC, no software is run locally. All processing take place in servers provided by Computer Innovation. The technology has following advantages:

  • You can reach your applications by any Internet connected computer; PC, Mac, Pad or Smartphone. From any place around the Globe.
  • No physical deliveries, everything is carried by the Internet.
  • Several users in the company may work in parallel simultaneously. An Administrator can set rules to access and rights to update individually.
  • Each individual user may choose his/her language of preference.
  • Daily software and data backup is performed by Computer Innovation.
  • The user is subscribing and pays a minor monthly fee.
  • Low churn rate and high user loyalty, legal requirements pave for long term relationships.
  • All maintenance of the software is included in the fee.

All above is an advantage both for the user and Computer Innovation. The subscription is a basis for a long term relationship making both parts a winner.